Action Item: A griefing vector was discovered in the protocol. Users should repay debt, pull all collateral, and remove all liquidity before redeployment.

Andrii Iermakov

Front-End / SDK


Introducing Andrii, a highly accomplished full stack engineer specializing in blockchain technology. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Andrii has consistently demonstrated his ability to deliver exceptional results, leveraging his deep understanding of blockchain systems and smart contract integrations.

As a versatile engineer, Andri is proficient in programming languages including JavaScript, TypeScript, and Solidity. He is adept at utilizing cutting-edge front-end frameworks such as React.js and Angular, further elevating his skill set in the blockchain space. Andrii is also well-versed in blockchain-specific tools, including Web3.js, Hardhat, and Ganache, which enable him to develop sophisticated, seamless front-end applications for blockchain projects.

Andrii's strong foundation in Computer Science is rooted in his Bachelor of Science degree from the prestigious Kharkiv Air Force University of Ukraine.

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