Action Item: A griefing vector has been discovered in the protocol. Borrowers should repay loans. Lenders are not impacted. There will be a redeployment.

Joseph Quintilian



Formerly President and Head of Trading for LPL. Led the principal trading desk of the Maker Ecosystem Growth Foundation (“MEGF”). He was a partner at Axiom Markets, LLC, a firm he co-founded in 2005, and which served as a proprietary trading desk and liquidity provider in all futures and commodities markets. Joseph also co-founded the EtherIndex Ether Trust in 2016, which remains the only ETH ETF undergoing the registration process with the SEC.

In 2017, he co-founded (with Gregory DiPrisco) Distributed Capital Partners LLC, a venture capital manager that manages a portfolio of companies leveraging blockchain technology and distributed computing software. They have made early stage investments in notable projects and companies such as Maker, Uniswap and Consensys, Inc. Joseph received his B.A. in Finance from Bucknell University in 2002.

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