Action Item: A griefing vector has been discovered in the protocol. Borrowers should repay loans. Lenders are not impacted. There will be a redeployment.

Rocco Russo

Front-End / SDK


Rocco is a front-end web engineer at Ajna Labs, known for is customer-centric approach and creative problem-solving skills. He bring a wealth of experience, including blockchain and mobile development, and a unique ability to collaborate with global teams.

He first approached crypto in 2016 and after few years as investor and user, he started as developer in blockchain and smart contract integrations for front-end applications.

Rocco's expertise includes JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Vue.js, and Web3/Blockchain, and he specializes in mobile and web applications, decentralized applications, and user-friendly design. His passionate about UI/UX and reusable components.

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