Action Item: A griefing vector has been discovered in the protocol. Borrowers should repay loans. Lenders are not impacted. There will be a redeployment.

Tyler Lange

Product Designer / UX


Tyler is a product designer with 17 years of experience in UX, including crypto, fintech, IoT and gaming. He received his design degree from Capilano University in BC.

His range as full stack designer is from pencil to web, print to 3D. With 17 years experience in user experience design and graphic design with a background in 3D. He’s also experienced with NFTs. 

He was an instructor at BCIT in new media and he previously worked at Enjin, Ankr and at EA Sports. He was there for web2 and now happy to be part of web3.

Tyler is one of Ajna Labs principal product team member.

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