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The Ajna Protocol is a noncustodial, peer-to-pool, permissionless lending, borrowing and trading system that requires no governance or external price feeds to function. The protocol consists of pools with lenders and borrowers.


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You can access the Ajna Protocol through the front ends below. Please note these apps are built and maintained by third parties. Be sure to check back from time to time as new partners and integrators build on Ajna. offers the full Ajna experience in all its glory. Deploy a permissionless pool for almost any ERC20 or NFT or borrow/lend into existing pools. Maximum freedom for power users and DeFi natives. Site built by MOM.


With (formerly Oasis) you can borrow, multiply and earn on the assets you hold across multiple protocols including Ajna. Take advantage of powerful automation strategies, simple UX and access the exclusive Ajna rewards.


Borrow & lend against your entire portfolio

No permission | No governance | No PRICE FEEDS

Innovative Design
Ajna is a new protocol for transparent, permissionless lending and borrowing.
Truly Decentralized
Ajna protocol operates without token whitelists, allowing users to permissionlessly lend and borrow.
Ajna supports both fungible and non-fungible (NFT) assets as collateral, and anyone can create a lending market.
Verified Audits
In addition to rigorous testing of our own, Ajna has code audits from industry leading agencies with verified reports.
Grant Coordination
A new mechanism that allows for ecosystem participants to deploy a communal treasury into the public on a quarterly basis.
Ajna is fully automated. Once it's launched, the team will move on and cease to update or maintain the protocol.


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Ajna Protocol
Ajna SDK


What is the Ajna Protocol?
The Ajna protocol is a noncustodial, peer-to-peer, permissionless lending, borrowing and trading system implemented for the Ethereum Virtual Machine that requires no governance or external price feeds to function.
What assets can be lent and borrowed on Ajna?
The protocol consists of pools: pairings of quote tokens provided by lenders and collateral tokens provided by borrowers. Ajna is capable of accepting fungible tokens (ERC-20) as quote tokens and fungible (ERC-20) as well as non-fungible (ERC-721) tokens as collateral tokens. There is no governance process or gating mechanism that controls which assets can be used in a pairing.
How does Ajna work?
Once a pairing of assets has been created, any user can come to the pool to lend or borrow quote token by pledging collateral. Lenders input a price that they’re willing to lend at (and conversely willing to purchase the collateral at) and borrowers are informed as to the best available liquidity for the amount of collateral they have. The smart contracts, using market mechanisms, manage liquidity, interest rates, and liquidations. Loans on Ajna are perpetual in nature and do not expire. More information on these mechanisms will be provided in the whitepaper on it’s release.


Interact with the community and help shape the future of decentralized finance. Thanks any questions or issues please let us know.
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No permission
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Borrow and lend against any asset in your entire portfolio