Action Item: A griefing vector has been discovered in the protocol. Borrowers should repay loans. Lenders are not impacted. There will be a redeployment.


AJNA LABS WAS Founded in 2021 by a globally distributed team of DECENTRALIZED FINANCE experts


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About Ajna Protocol

The Ajna protocol facilitates peer-to-peer secured loans without governance and without external price feeds.

Current lending and borrowing protocols which utilize smart contracts require active governance to set rates and to update contracts, and can rely on external price feeds. Because the pricing of collateral and parameterization of loans are left to subjective decision making through governance rather than market forces, these protocols carry both solvency and liquidity risk. Governance and maintenance overhead create barriers to entry in the market for lending and borrowing of on-chain assets. Ajna solves these problems with its unique design.


August 2021
  • Inception
  • Begin design
October 2021
  • Team formation
June 2022
  • Design complete
  • Build features
  • App UX
Q3 / 2022
  • Code freeze
Q1 / 2023
  • Sherlock 1st audit
  • Trail of Bits audit
Q2 / 2023
  • Quantstamp audit
  • Prototech Labs audit
  • Code4arena audit
  • Sherlock 2nd audit
  • Launch protocol
Q3 / 2023
  • Protocol code runs independently


Engage with the team, interact with the community, and help shape the future of decentralized finance.
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Borrow and lend against any asset in your entire portfolio